Me as learner

I like the idea of continual learning and am willing seek out new information and become involved in new projects when the opportunity arises. Working at an educational institution like USQ creates many opportunities for stimulating discussion of ideas and involvement in projects to assist the ongoing needs of teachers and students.

I’ve decided to learn about creating Zentangles. Their website claims that the method is a relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It claims to “increase focus and creativity, and provide artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being” (Zentangle An artistic and creative work colleague first told me about them in 2013 and showed me some of her work. I was very keen to try them but had too many other life events happening at the time, so now is the ideal time to pursue this activity.

I think it will be suited to learning via NGL as there are many online resources including websites, newsletters, blogs and YouTube videos. I’ll also have a real live person to consult with as I learn and this is planned to start next week when she demonstrates the materials used. Already I’ve noted some interesting similarities between Zentangles and NGL and plan to explore these as my learning journey progresses:

  • anything is possible one stroke at a time
  • deliberate focus
  • unknown outcomes
  • no predetermined solution
  • abstract
  • portable
  • inspirational.

I am also interested in pursuing the health and well being aspects of all the ‘screen time’ involved in NGL learning because as with many pursuits in life, balance is desirable.

What is learning?
The process of learning creates new understandings and capabilities which can enrich the life of the learner in expected and unexpected ways.

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9 Responses to Me as learner

  1. Hi,

    I’m not sure of your name but I love the idea of creating zentangles. I really like how the artwork emphasises its therapeutic benefits. I think anything creative is like “food for the soul.”

    I look forward to learning from your experiences.



    • debliriges says:

      Hi Annelise
      Glad you are drawn to the idea! I have created my first ‘tangle’ this week and am really looking forward to creating more. I have bought the basics required now – very minimal, portable, in fact you can create them anywhere with paper and pen, even on the beach with a stick and sand. So in that sense they are the opposite to many NGL activities, no technology required to complete the tasks! However there is much to be learned and shared online. I am really keen to pursue the importance of balance in our connected world and am finding some interesting responses from people when we discuss the connectivity issue in people’s lives.
      Look forward to sharing more thoughts with you


      • Hi Deb,

        You have been very interested. I find drawing, which is my favourite activity and I use as my meditation, as I find meditation very difficult to do, although I have a deep respect for it.

        I’m with you on being creative, you don’t need technology to be creative and I still have and always will, my drawing area in the house where I draw as my “time-out.” I think balance is key and although I love the idea of having a fulfilling career I also want to spend quality time with family and friends, practising creative activities and not to mention exercise, reading and the other day to day things we need to do.

        I’m glad to see we’re like minded on this very important issue of the modern world. 😀


        P.S. Are you able to receive feeds from other bloggers in the course. I added everyone, including yourself to my blogroll, but there are no feeds coming up, except for GGs blog.


      • David Jones says:

        Deb, Have you thought of sharing your tangles online? I’d be interested to see them and it would be one way to document progress (an eportfolio of sorts?) and generate comments. David.


  2. It was “you have me very interested” 😀


  3. debliriges says:

    Hi Annelise
    I’ve had some interesting conversations with family on the weekend about ‘screentime vs reality’ as I have currently named my topic of interest! Seems like there’s some research which is starting to uncover some detrimental aspects for young children with excessive use of screens, so am hoping to share a link about this soon.
    I very much agree with your thoughts about the quality time factor in life, and after a weekend away with family am having to find my NGL space again 😉
    Am still finding my way with how all the technology used in this course fits together, but am getting blog posts info through Feedly and directly to my nominated email for comments on my blog ‘insights’. I need to become more active in commenting on other peoples blog posts, but struggling to find time to attend to all the course tasks……
    Best wishes


    • Hi Deb,

      I definitely hear you and I’d be very interested in the research, particularly as most of my family are becoming hooked to the screen.

      I’m also struggling and have at times thought of dropping another subject that I am doing, this one is flat out and I feel like you, very behind. What I am thinking, and am getting a sense of when reading others posts, is that we won’t be able to do everything and it is just a matter of becoming immersed in networks, no matter how messy it feels.

      That’s what I’m thinking at the moment. 🙂



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