Me as teacher

My role as a teacher
As I work in a non teaching role my definition will differ from many of you, as I
provide support to teaching staff at USQ. Thus my learners are the teaching staff and in
the past the support provided has been to assist teachers to develop their courses each
semester and publish the course materials for students. With the change to online course
delivery only and study packages no longer being mailed to students, the focus has
changed to assisting teaching staff to design and construct courses to better suit online
learning and teaching.

The role of NGL
I am currently working on a project team to deliver an updated and redesigned e-learning
site for staff which will provide information and support to teaching and professional staff at USQ. The aim being to encourage teachers to use the e-learning tools available to
enhance their online teaching and learning activities. This appears to be just one part of
the broader NGL landscape, but hopefully it will help teachers to enter that space and feel more confident to adopt technologies. The site is designed to explain what each e-learning tool is; why they would use it, which includes brief video interviews with teaching staff who actively use the technology; how to use it and where to access support and training; technology tips and useful resources.
I am aware of the broad range of technologies which can be used in NGL, however at this
time due to policies and resourcing constraints the support provided is limited to those
e-learning technologies or tools ‘officially’ available at USQ. I am hopeful that this will
change and evolve as higher education institutions try to embrace the changes happening
in the learning landscape and provide more flexible options for students. It seems to me
that this NGL course is pioneering into this space, so my experiences gained on this
journey will help inform work in Learning and Teaching Services.
Using the technology is only part of the teaching story, how it is used to facilitate and
enhance learning is more important. Kligyte’s article on threshold concepts resonated with my situation, as it examined why it has been so difficult to inspire academics to adopt technologies in their teaching. This project to provide e-learning support at USQ is an attempt to provide information in the context of teaching practice, rather than purely
technical ‘how to’ advice for the various technologies (Kligyte, 2009).

Kligyte, G. (2009). Threshold concept: A lens for examining networked learning. In Proceedings of the Ascilite 2009 Conference (pp. 540-542). Auckland, NZ.

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7 Responses to Me as teacher

  1. Clare says:

    Hi! Clare here, also from the NGL course. I am also currently working in a non-traditional educational environment, delivering institutional learning support. I look forward to reading more of your insights about your role at USQ and the course in general.


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  3. debliriges says:

    Hi Clare, I’ll look forward to sharing some ideas with you especially once I can move on from the ‘feeling overwhemed’ stage of NGL! I see this as a valuable experience to inform my work, but am still pondering upon the shape and form this make take as an outcome of this course.
    Best wishes for the journey


  4. David Jones says:

    Deb, I like the connection you’ve made with the Kligyte paper. One of the questions that I’ve been thinking about has been that it’s not just the academic staff that need to make this journey. The senior management of a university, the L&T and IT support staff and other staff also need to make this transformation. It’s just not teaching an online course that requires a radical re-think, but also how you organise, manage and support an organisation that is offering online courses.

    The “officially” available line around tools is potentially one example of the need for that transformation.

    I think you’ve got a really interesting problem here.



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