Minute paper

The most significant thing I have learned is that it is quite normal to experience feeling overwhelmed when embarking on a networked learning journey! Thankfully I am now in the process of developing my understanding about this environment through the readings, blogs and learning to use the tools. The immersion process brought on plenty of self reflection just to get me in the mode for this course! I found the article by Bigum & Rowan illuminating as they explored the messiness of learning, climbing ladders, learning from mistakes, missing rungs and their notion of the public click pedagogy. Kligyte’s examination of threshold concepts lists a number of features which will be interesting to relate to and reflect on during my NGL learning. She suggests that “networked learning is that type of ‘portal’ that leads to a new ontological destination and, if fully understood and embraced, transforms the way learning is understood, teaching is practiced and, in fact, how a life is lived” (Kligyte, p.541).
It will be interesting to observe the degree of transformation which will take place in my professional and private life.

What question remains uppermost in my mind?
How long will it take me to become familiar and comfortable with using the new technology and to feel more comfortable engaging in the public click pedagogy?

Bigum, C., & Rowan, L. (2013). Ladders, learning and lessons from Charlie: Exploring the potential of public click pedagogy (No. 2). EdExEd Working Paper Series.

Kligyte, G. (2009). Threshold concept: A lens for examining networked learning. In Proceedings of the Ascilite 2009 Conference (pp. 540-542). Auckland, NZ.

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7 Responses to Minute paper

  1. katarenas says:

    About your uttermost question or concern you have I have the same one, so hang in there and I know you will look back on this post even in 3 weeks and wonder how have I come so far, I already am thinking that now, only after 2 weeks 🙂 More practice brings understanding and clarity, well thats what I tell my girls anyways, Your not alone.


  2. David Jones says:

    I’m not sure there is any good answer to your question, Deb. I think it all depends on your background, your personality and a bunch of other aspects of the network that is you. I think perhaps I’ve taken to this practice quicker because of my background. Which means that there were years of formative experiences that helped make the transition quicker. I like Katarena’s idea, you’ll hopefully see progress, but perhaps full comfort may take longer.


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