My initial PKM routine


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My PKM reflections

As a learner and student my PKM has been developing since the early weeks of this course and I have finally formalized this for sharing. It is based on Jarche’s framework of SEEK > SENSE> SHARE.
On reflection I can see that I have been stuck in the SEEK and SENSE part of the routine with limited SHARING to my fellow NGL students. I have been busily seeking external blogs and newsfeeds to follow, as well as trying to keep up with my fellow students activities via Feedly. I still think my filtering process needs to be refined further so I can become more expedient with the sensing and sharing part of my PKM.
I found A writer’s research routine posted by Anneleise helpful as she explored the importance of having a routine in order to achieve your tasks and goals, and also adapting it to suit your needs. Thanks for the inspiration and look forward to observing your progress.
So I thank all those who have been more forthcoming with their SHARING, as it has been helpful in shaping my thoughts. As I understand more about the NGL approach to learning, I’ll be aiming to have more balanced activity in my PKM! I can particularly relate my challenge to this comment from Jarche:
“When we work in networks, one of our main jobs is getting stuff out of our heads and sharing with others”.


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3 Responses to My initial PKM routine

  1. paulsize says:

    Thanks for sharing this – I like your findal thought on working in networks…getting it out of our heads and I guess it’s about making sense through sharing with others. Paul


  2. debliriges says:

    Hi Paul, have also been thinking about how much “getting it out of our heads” applies to assessment tasks set for students too, as it involves the issues of assessment quality/relevance and students’ ability to display their understanding and knowledge to those assessing it.


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