Reflections on the TEST framework

Task: what needs to be done?
I need to enact my PKM daily (ideally) to work towards becoming a more experienced and effective NGL learner.
Environment: where, what are the time constraints and methods of completion?
This will take place within the network (global), with the time constraints of assignment due dates (USQ environment), and the suggested, although flexible modes of delivery (course examiner).
Skills: strengths, weaknesses and aptitude?
Understanding my skill set and how I can apply and develop them to become an effective networked learner – subject of many reflections.
Tools: which will best bridge the gap?
Those identified in my PKM and others which may be needed to fill the gap as I complete the tasks.

 As a student my approach to study in NGL needs some amendments. I have spent way too long becoming familiar with the tools.
Musette comments in her post “Reflections around applying the TEST framework” that she feels:
“…..challenged by the constraint of time when it comes to exploring the capabilities of and becoming familiar with the technologies verses being able to complete the tasks required of the course”.
I too will need to find the balance required to work the technology and complete the tasks! However Socol (2009) claims that knowing how to use the range of tools available is not automatic and needs to be learned. He also states that:
“We are humans. We are tool users. We are defined as humans by our constantly changing tools. Those tools, in turn, actually change who we are, as they alter our capabilities”.
So the tools and the tasks used as a learner and student in this course will contribute towards improving my skills and capabilities, which I can then apply in my role as a teacher.

Socol, I. (2009, July 17). The Toolbelt and Universal Design – Education For Everyone (Web log post). Retrieved from





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