NGL: How could my approach to this course be changed?

Now that I am adjusting to the differences in the student role in NGL, I can see where some changes are needed. As predicted, my initial PKM has continued to evolve – helpful to have a starting point though. I’ve found that I needed to add extra details for my SEEK activities, to summarise where my streams of information are coming from. Then there’s the time scheduling issue – I found Musette’s practical suggestions in her response to Paul’s question helpful, especially using voice memo on her phone to record ideas/thoughts she has on the go. Mari’s PKM workflow routine was also a useful glimpse into her daily PKM – definitely agree it needs to be a daily activity and not one to be stored up until the weekend.

As a learner I have found there’s a tendency to become lost down rabbit holes…..sidetracked in the network, however this is balanced by some useful incidental learning along the way – “we don’t know what we don’t know”! Still it can waste a lot of time and it’s important for me to remember the TEST routine to keep myself on task.
The  extrovert versus introvert perspective in NGL  shared by Annelise in her post ‘Being and “extravert” in an online world’ also caused me to reflect on my own perspective. At this stage I would fit the category of enjoying being online, but not needing as much conversation as an extrovert would prefer. However I do like to share ideas and learn from others, this usually happens in face-to-face conversations, however there is an increasing element of online interaction being encouraged in my workplace. I expect my willingness to interact online will be transformed after this NGL experience.

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