NGL: How could this course be improved?

My thoughts and suggestions about this will relate to my role as a teacher in a “support” role in a higher education environment, and insights directly relating to me as a student.

As a student my preference is for more scaffolding to support the setup process for NGL style learning. I agree with ggdines that this would have provided more time for students to become familiar with the tools and to connect with each other in a more relaxed environment. I’d also like to see a ‘Technology help’ page in the course where students could more easily access this information in a static place, rather than searching blog posts etc. Thus I strongly support Paul’s suggestion to David for an FAQ page to help each other with technology tools and assignments.
Visual representations provided by David in his One conception of how the course is meant to work were a valuable addition for me as a visual learner, so “thanks David” for your efforts to address this learning request.

Veletsianos (2014) in his post on ‘Success, personal learning plans, and multiple pathways in open courses’, asks the question ‘how do you support all learners to achieve what they aspire to achieve?’ In designing his open course focusing on networked scholars, learners will be able to take various pathways through learning content and will have access to support for beginners and more advanced students. He concludes that:
“A personal learning plan isn’t a panacea, which is why every course needs to include a diverse range of scaffolds and supports.”

The supported versus unsupported approach to learning and teaching is a relevant topic in my teacher role, as at present it is all about support, so I am viewing the unsupported arguments and their implications with interest! This issue and some of the bigger questions facing educational institutions will be the subject of another blog post.


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