Digital distractions and learning about zentangles

For me personally, this video below reinforced the importance of taking time out from the net and our digital distractions to unplug, calm down and focus on one thing at a time and do some focused calm thinking.
It outlines the disadvantages of distraction and consequent short term attention spans, and argues that  we also need to take time out to pay attention, control our mind,  think conceptually, think critically and creatively. Learning to draw zentangles is providing me with the opportunity to do this, even though I am still challenged to find time every day for this activity. It has provided time for me to focus and reflect on learning some new skills and comparing this with my NGL learning experiences.
Some of the main benefits are shared below and I’m particularly interested in the educational and motivational benefits. Interestingly a short session is planned for our eLearning Development planning day next week to introduce staff to the idea  and hopefully assist their creative thinking and problem solving activities.


Benefits and uses of creating zentangles

Some of main ways the method is used:

  • relaxation – offers a quick way to redirect your focus and enter a more relaxed state
  • education – helps to improve eye/hand coordination, creativity and personal expression, problem solving, relaxation and focus, confidence and cross cultural understanding.
  • motivational training – improves self-esteem and supports individual confidence, creativity and cooperation in team efforts, assists with problem solving.
  • therapy – provides a non-verbal modality for feedback, journaling, reflection and analysis, personal growth and increased confidence and can assist with stroke recovery, stress management, anger management, attention deficit.
  • artistic – accessible and inexpensive and can complement other mediums and provide cross training inspiration.

The tanglepatterns website provides a selection of stories about the benefits people have experienced from taking time to create zentangles.

Relaxation, inspiration, relieving stress, nurturing and developing creative abilities, improving eye/hand coordination, developing/rehabilitating fine motor skills, team building and group focus, therapy, anger management, increasing attention span and ability to concentrate, design inspiration, problem solving……

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2 Responses to Digital distractions and learning about zentangles

  1. astrethewey says:

    I love, love, LOVE this video, completely describes my day! I have also found inspiration from your posts and have turned my hand to ‘zentangling’, if that is a word…very relaxing! Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. debliriges says:

    Yes, ‘zentangling’ is a word and so glad you have tried it out – so simple and yet so effective. As I am still a learner I have not reached the ‘meditative zone’ which more experienced tanglers speak about – something to look forward to.


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