What more do I need to know about NGL?

Lots! Especially in relation to case studies and trials which have been undertaken in the higher education environment. Thanks to my seeking activities using Diigo and subscribing to several sites such as Stephen Downes OLDaily, plus some rss feeds I have more information to consult and filter than time to do so. Still for the requirements of the course I need to filter, make sense and share how I think NGL can inform my role as a teacher. It will be useful to distill these ideas down to something which ‘may’ be attainable in the environment I work in, though there are so many potential institutional obstacles along the way. However I will remain optimistic that the ‘decision makers’ have plans to enable change to take place which will allow more freedom to interact with the network outside the boundaries of the Moodle LMS. I’ve gathered some articles discussing the limitations of LMSs, so will need to consider these issues in my overall picture of possibilities.

My head does feel much like Mari’s when she states that:

……at this stage, my head is so full of ideas, over-loaded with new information and excitement about blogging and engagement in this course, that I simply feel like I don’t know how to capture all of this in a “traditional academic way.”

In this recent online presentation delivered by Stephen Downes about “The challenges (and future) of networked learning” he states that “A broad understanding of the meaning and potential of networked learning can help educational institutions to rethink their role beyond the provision of LMS and centralised information systems”. They need to examine what skills are needed, what happens if they don’t develop them and the technology need to develop the skills.
I found this really useful to distill my thoughts as his presentation is comprehensive, yet he presents simply the core concepts and issues which we have covered in the course.

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