Digital literacies: Draft proposal available for comment

After some deliberation I decided to focus on the lack of digital literacies of staff working in higher education. Thanks for the feedback provided to my initial question posed to you as students in my post seeking feedback on digital literacies, it is always good to receive positive comments about your experiences at USQ.

For my peer review process, I  worked on a rather incomplete Draft 1 with my two external peer reviewers, who are both undertaking research work using the design based research approach. I have now finished writing up the proposal, incorporated their feedback and removed Draft 1 comments which have been addressed.
Draft 2  is now available for further comments and feedback in Google docs.
Please let me know if you experience any problems with the links, as Goodle docs seems to have been a little problematic in some situations.




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3 Responses to Digital literacies: Draft proposal available for comment

  1. Philip Wong says:

    Hi Deb,
    Great proposal. I made minor suggestions in the google docs. I also experienced some difficulty seeing comments and making sure the doc was editable.
    I wanted also to refer a couple of sources that reverberated with my thinking along the lines of your theses:
    “On the one hand, digital tools and resources have the potential to enable, expand and accelerate learning in ways previously unimaginable, as outlined in Stratosphere.
    52 But on the other hand, most of the billions invested by schools and education systems in technology have not achieved that potential. Without changes to the fundamental pedagogical models by which teachers teach and learners learn, technology investments have too often simply layered slightly more entertaining content delivery or basic skill practice on top of conventional teaching strategies that focus on the reproduction of existing content knowledge.” (Michael Fullan, 2014 in “Alive in the Swamp” Also interesting related article is “A Rich Seam – How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning” (The latter document is a if you can believe it, you’ll need to ‘google’ it – I could not copy the link)
    I would be everso grateful if you could cast an eye over my proposal (I have noted typos and have only just made it ‘editable’ as I had earlier forgot to do so). Please let me know if there are any issues on my use of this technological blip. Thanks


  2. debliriges says:

    Hi Philip
    Your feedback is appreciated and I will try to add this perspective into the final version.
    Google docs is performing intermittently- sometimes as expected, other times very problematic to those sharing with?
    I will endeavour to look over your proposal later today and provide comments.
    Best wishes


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